how to: wear corduroy (without resembling your history teacher)
how to: wear corduroy (without resembling your history teacher)


There are fabrics that fashion tends to fall in and out of love with in a kind of fervent stupor. Corduroy is one of them. Memorably the reserve of toddlers and boffins, it’s grown in fashion caché for a number of seasons to reach new heights in 2019: from streetwear to high fashion, dialed-up colours and exaggerated textures are making corduroy upbeat and underlined with ironic charm.

Avoiding corduroy’s history-teacher-patched-elbow past is one and the same as celebrating its new, lively incarnation. Whether it’s styling traditional colours in fresh ways, or adding some bright, chunky cord to your everyday wardrobe, the key is to have some fun. Here’s five ways we’re styling it.


  • Reclaimed Vintage inspired oversized shirt in cord with logo embroidery-Purple
  • Womens Leather Look Jogger Trousers, BLACK
  • New Look block heel sock boot in black
  • Monki ribbed high neck jersey top in off white
  • Black Matte Faux Leather Bucket Hat, Black
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