love the look: winter coat + playful proportions
love the look: winter coat + playful proportions

Autumn is great for clothes: cool enough to play with layers, but not bitterly cold enough to necessitate hiding under a massive coat. Nearing November, however, we’ll need both. Oversized outerwear is a great option because it’s a fun statement now, but as soon as those winter winds descend you’ll be glad of the extra room: perfect for styling over chunky knits.
How do you keep a bit of personality in your styling if you’re covered by your coat? I’m glad you asked. Having fun with proportions, colours and accessories will keep your look interesting. Take @sachaea’s outfit, for example. Tailored trousers are a cool combo over sleek ankle boots, while a bright bag breaks up all the moody colours. Here’s where we’re shopping the look.
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