the editor’s pick: organza
the editor’s pick: organza


With BBC3 airing Drag Race UK, it seems only fitting that fashion’s top-trending fabric is one you can’t say without sounding a little like RuPaul: it’s organza extravaganza, darling. Silk organza has a luxurious feel that we associate with eveningwear, but as daywear it’s light, dreamy and a little experimental.


Whether it’s Prada-inspired jewel organza, Saint Laurent’s black evening pieces, or Dries Van Noten’s autumnal organza draped over suits, we need it in our wardrobe. As for styling, try mixing it with different textures: tuck your organza blouse into jeans, tie it up over a dress, or layer it under a pinafore. Here are our picks to get you started.


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