5 style solutions: wet weather outfits
5 style solutions: wet weather outfits


Styling an outfit is simple when the season is on your side, but can you do it on a cold, wet Wednesday night in Stoke? (that’s the only football-related riff you’ll get from us). If you find yourself putting together a look only to ruin it with an ugly-yet-practical coat, or throwing style out of the window in favour of practicality, you’re not alone in your affliction. Anorak Anxiety affects us all, but there is a solution.


We’re taking advantage of a smattering of trends to tackle this one. The water-repellent nature of patent leather makes it great for coats, seen at Fendi, Tod’s and Burberry. Oversized puffers (see Jil Sander, Jonathan Simkai, Off-White) or colourful anoraks (Eudon Choi, Carolina Herrera, 3.1 Phillip Lim) – it’s all good. Throw in Bottega Veneta’s chunky Chelsea boot + long coat + hood combination, and you need never fear a rainy day again.


  • Rust Vinyl Faux Fur Double Breasted Coat, Rust Orange
  • Blue Light Wash High Waist Mom Jeans New Look
  • Womens **Wide Fit Belize Khaki Smart Snake Boots - Khaki, Khaki
  • Reiss Naomi - Roll Neck Jumper in White, Womens, Size XS
  • SVNX chunky beanie hat in beige
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