5 style solutions: new season layering
5 style solutions: new season layering


Raise your hand if you have felt personally victimised by the weather. We’ve had more than the standard British drizzle recently: storms Ciara and Dennis have meant we’re stretching out our winter wardrobe even further into the year. If you’re finding yourself in a style rut, wearing the same warm clothing you’ve had on repeat for months, we have a cure: spring layering.


When it comes to layering, people can panic. We’re inundated with imagery where fashion girls put together complicated looks like it’s a form of witchcraft. But you don’t need to pile everything on: simple style combinations will help you get the best out of your clothes, while easily adopting some new trends for spring. Here are 5 ways we’re styling it.

  • Pieces cotton midi smock dress with puff sleeve in white
  • Womens Aiden Black Leather Chelsea Boots - Black, Black
  • Womens Eve Black Buckle 90'S Shoulder Bag - Black, Black
  • Womens White Long Puff Sleeve Roll Neck Top, WHITE
  • Womens Black Tiger Print Socks - Black, Black
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